What do I need for this week? 

This week's Scoreboard!

For some of the sessions such as arts, crafts, science and cookery; you will need some resources at home. If you don't have everything on the list, use what you do have. Keep a piece of paper and pens or pencils nearby just in case you are unable to organise any resources. We can always use these as backup. If painting is involved, make sure you've cleared a good space and covered any surfaces! Painting aprons are great if you have those, or even an old shirt. 

You might have some things in addition to the list, such as fancy dress or musical instruments. Feel free to have these ready for your child to use on the session! It's always handy to use whatever you have nearby to keep them engaged in the session. The children will have one music session each week, if you'd like to make any homemade instruments here are some ideas: 

Homemade Instruments

Here's the published list of resources you'll need for the summer, including some printable templates. Cookery ingredients will be emailed to you separately and posted here as soon as I receive them. 

Fun Food Academy Ingredients: 
Pepper Pasta Pirate Ship | Wednesday
Chocolate Treasure Map | Friday

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