Standard Day 9am – 5pm: £43

Week Block:
£195 (day rate £39)

Due to COVID safety measures, there is a temporary fee increase. The fee for the week will be £215. This includes a non-refundable fee of £20, in the event that we are forced to close. We will do everything we can to reward parents in the future when we’re able in the event that this happens but given the financial strains that have been put on us, this is unavoidable and we sincerely hope you understand.

In accordance with the government’s latest guidance, there will be some changes to our provision. We are mindful of your budgets, but we can only offer a place for the entire week rather than ad hoc days. You don’t have to bring your child in every day but because of the restrictions, we can only accept block bookings for the week. This means we’ll have the same children, in the same bubbles each week rather than 90 or more different children on different days, mixing bubbles and increasing the risk of transmission. This will enable us to run a really safe camp, and make sure the children will have a great time and a better experience with these measures in place.

10% Sibling Discount

Optional Extras

You can book early or late club for an additional £5. Running late or need to get into work early? No problem. Just email or call us on the day if you need an early drop off or late collection and we can add it to your account. 

Early Club: 8am - 9am 

Late Club
: 5pm - 6pm

If your child joins Late Club they will enjoy an additional session at the end of the day.